Bigger and fuller lashes are always in style. Not everybody can afford to get eyelash extension even though they are extremely popular because hey who doesn’t want longer lashes. Don’t worry if that’s out of your budget because there are still plenty of other ways to give your eyelashes a bigger lift. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Application is the key

It is always handy to know the right mascara tips since the right application can make a big difference. Experts suggest that the first coat should be applied by holding the mascara wand horizontally. You must wiggle the wand on the base of your eyelashes gently to add thickness. When you are pulling the wand through your lashes, wiggle it back and forth to avoid forming clumps. Give the first coat at least 10 seconds to dry.

The application of the second coat is going to be a bit different. This time the purpose is to give your lashes some extra length. Hence why you have to hold the wand vertically and use its tip to paint more mascara on your lashes. Apply more of it at the ends of your lashes. Once you are done, use a lash comb to get rid of the clumps. If necessary, you can apply more coats too.

Make an Eyelash curler your best friend

A quality eyelash curler is a must-have on your list of the best makeup products.  But that’s not the only thing that counts in giving your eyelashes a lift. It’s the way you use the curler that also counts. So here is how you should use it. Before you begin curling your lashes, place the end of the curler in warm water.  This will heat up its pad and metal. Now place your eyelashes inside the curler like usual. Use the curler 3 times for 3 seconds on each eye. Don’t forget a curler should be used before applying the mascara.

Get thicker lashes with Eyelash primer

Even if you are using a volumizing mascara, you can still get a lift with a primer. Plus, a primer also conditions your lashes. Apply it on your lashes before using mascara.

Choose the right mascara

You need to pick such a mascara formula that gives a perfect definition to your lashes.  It is not just the liquid in the mascara that counts, but also the brush.  A bulky brush helps add more volume to your lashes.  A brush that has spiky bristles is meant to add length to the lashes. If you want to give a super fancy definition to your eyelashes, then you can add one coat of thickening mascara followed by another coat of lengthening mascara.

Don’t be afraid to try a different color in mascara

Typically, women choose to apply black mascara on their eyelashes because it is universally flattering.  But black is not the only mascara that can define your eyes, there are other colors too. If you are a blonde or redhead, brown mascara will give your eyes a natural look. Colors like plum, hunter, and blue are best for teenagers. Just make sure you know how to wear colored mascara.

Don’t forget your lower lashes

The lower lashes are a bit stubborn since they are smaller and it is often messy to apply mascara there.  To avoid the hustle, you can always use bottom lash mascara for the lower lashes.

Apply lash serum

You can extend the length of your lashes with a serum.  Apart from that, olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil are quite effective in the growth of eyelashes too.