In a society, community medicinal science practice is very important. The care and support needs of people who use social care services often depict a heightened risk of poor mental health and well-being. About 450,000 social care workers in various parts of the world have regular contact with patients suffering from illness. Support is necessary to make medicinal science practice successful. Good support services are one of the most important parameters to choose the right health and support services. That is why support services are essential for people to get the best possible care in context of the health sector. Good support services also assure people that the treatment they are getting is both caring and beneficial. Being a medicinal science practitioner, it is important to understand the values and principles in order to provide better health service. This includes strategies that influence the performance of the others. It should be easily understandable to administer appropriate dosage for beginners in medicinal science.

Principles of support and their implementation in medicinal science practice

It is important to provide support to the service users of medicinal science. In addition to that it is the main principle of medicinal science sector to respect individuality and dignity of service users. Moreover, from the perspective of a healthcare worker it is of utmost importance to accommodate the needs of patients who belong to diverse cultures. It is important that the various care workers in the health sector apply various principles of support to respect different cultures and values from which the patients belong.

According to many modern day case scenarios, the first and foremost thing that the health care practitioner faces is the issue of dilemma in giving appropriate dosage for beginners. As mentioned in the situation, many people suffer from dementia. Dementia is a collection of symptoms characterized by progressive loss of cognitive abilities. In addition to that, there is loss of communication abilities and ability to carry out routine activities. Hence, it is important for the healthcare practitioner to apply various principles of support to treat patients who is suffering from dementia. In addition to that it is also important for the healthcare practitioner to respect the dignity and individuality.

Evaluating results of working with partnership for professionals, organizations and patients

The Internal Quality Assurance officer, while working with partnership within the healthcare sector has identified several possible results. There are two types of outcomes for every service, which is good or bad. The positive impact mainly deals with the outcome results, which is related to the service users. However, the existence of negative impact arises from the side of service providers’ side. The positive impact on the healthcare sector refers in improvement of the services of the employees within the healthcare sector for the service users. Moreover, it has been observed that, the service users has become more independent with their decision making process. Thus, in healthcare industry, brief information is provided to the service users, so that they can take their own decision related to their health.