There has been a lot of stigma surrounding hair transplant owing to unnatural looking hair plugs. For years some men have chosen to live with bald spots or baldness despite the mental and psychological trauma it causes them. For a long time people were unaware of new advanced hair transplant techniques, which are not only minimally invasive but the results are strikingly natural looking.

Today, hair transplant is becoming popular all around the world. A part of this popularity is owed to its acceptance in popular culture. There is a long list of celebrities who started sporting fuller manes, much to the bafflement of people. Thanks to media reports, it wasn’t long before people started to recognise that it could be the result of hair transplant. Infact some celebrities have spoken about it openly as well.

Seeing celebrities restore their perfect mop of hair raised curiosity amongst people. The stigma around it started to die; people today are not that embarrassed talking about it, or getting the procedure done themselves.

Pop culture has also had great influence over how we think, and how we perceive ourselves. We live in a world where appearances matter. It is not merely about being good looking but about taking care of oneself, be it in terms of working out to keep fit, taking care of how we dress, or having healthy looking skin and hair. These play an important part in our personal, social as well as professional lives. Apart from being professionally and academically competitive, many jobs require people to be well groomed as well.

All these factors are making people vie for hair transplant options to keep their mane intact and not let hair fall affect their self-confidence and mental peace.

Hair transplants today are also safer, incredibly efficient, minimally invasive and technologically advanced.

Here are some of the reasons that are making hair transplant a viable option for many who are suffering hair loss:

  1. it’s a marvel of modern science

Back in the day, in the 1970s ad 80s, hair transplant meant unnatural, or plugs looking hair, often referred to as ‘doll hair’ owing to the resemblance to hair on plastic dolls.

Many avoided hair transplant because the results looked unnatural. But those days are long gone. Hair transplant surgery today uses follicular unit grafts, which are about a millimetre in diameter. They are planted close together to create dense and natural looking hair.

In Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant, for example, each follicle is removed individually. The follicles are taken from the back or sides of the head and planted onto the balding areas. The follicles that hold transplanted hair are living tissues that grow naturally.

After the transplant, the hair graft sheds after two to three weeks and new growth starts within 3-4 months.

  1. it’s not just for the rich

Owing to numerous advancements in the science itself, and more competition in the field, hair transplant surgeries are a lot more affordable today. You don’t have to extremely rich to have that dream mane

  1. It can be done in lesser time

Patients can get as many as 5000 grafts in one sitting, which means that you can see the outcome within 12 months, instead of going for multiple sittings and waiting for a long time to have a head full of hair.

  1. Hair transplant is not just about the hair

With selfies, Facebook, Snapchat and other social media, the pressure to look good is very high. People want to take control of all aspects of their lives, and are ready to try out new things. Balding can be a psychologically damaging experience, and with the conversation building up around the safety and effectiveness of hair transplant, people are giving it a shot.

Good surgeons are meticulous when it comes to making the transplant look aesthetically pleasing, and giving it a natural appearance. Orientation of natural hair, the shape of the face and head, age-appropriateness is all considered before the transplant is done.

While it still might take time for hair transplant to be the foremost choice for people suffering from hair fall, it has started to become a viable option.