1. About Pediatric Oncologist:

Basically, a pediatric Oncologist or Hematologist is a person who assesses and treats children or teens suffering from blood diseases or cancer. They usually provide treatment for children or teens from birth to young adulthood. The pediatric oncologist salary differs from places to places and depends on several factors which are discussed below.

  1. Type Of Training Received:

These medical doctors undergo advanced and specialized training before treating their respective patients. They are:

  • Minimum of 4 years in medical school.
  • 3 years of pediatric residency training.
  • Minimum of 2 years of fellowship training in pediatric Oncology or hematology.
  • Accreditation or certification from a Country’s board of Pediatrics.

III. Treatments OfferedBy These Medics:

These medics determine, treat and control children or teens with the following condition:

  • Tumors of Brain.
  • Tumors of Bone.
  • Solid Tumors.
  • Diseases related to red blood cells, white blood cells, and Platelets.
  • Disorders associated with bleeding.
  1. Income Received By Pediatric Oncologist/Hematologist:

The median (middle value from a set of data) salary earned by these medics is $274,859 annually which results in $132 as the salary per hour. However, the pediatric oncologist salary may vary but the least salary and the highest salary obtained by these medical practitioners are $172,326 and $416,583 respectively which leads to $83/hour and $200/hour respectively.

The places that offer a high income to these doctors include Terre Haute, Pocatello, Napa, Michigan City, Minnesota, South Dakota, New Hampshire, Montana, and Wyoming. In the U.K, the salary ranges from £14,546 to £74,658. In Canada, it again ranges from C$20,426 – C$207,000. In Australia, it varies from AU$40,268 – AU$148,994.

The need for a pediatric oncologist or hematologist varies from country to country. There has been a persistent growth in the demand for these medical practitioners due to various diseases which are occurring in children as well as adults. Even though these medics can treat both children and adults, the requirement of them in the pediatric workforce is more. The level of experience and location of work are two major determinants that decide the income of these medics. In places like New York, Los Angeles, California, these doctors are expected to receive a higher pay. But along with this high income, heavy workload and tedious or overtime hours may also be a daily routine.

  1. The need of a pediatric Oncologist/Hematologist:

Our greatest achievement in our life is our children. They are our successors. They need to be in proper health and good environment to grow and be successful. During the growth of a child or teen, their bodies undergo various changes and at times may require medical care. Most of the children don’t express or tell their issues and problems to their elders or parents. They may also be unable to express the real issue they’re going through.

This is where a Pediatric Oncologist/Hematologist is needed as they are trained to evaluate and examine these young children and teens in the best way which is comfortable for the respective child or teen. The cabins of these medical doctors are made and decorated according to children and teens.These medical doctors can be found in a variety of places like children’s hospitals, university medical centers, community hospitals, etc.