Testosterone is a male sex hormone which plays important role in reproductive development and sexual behavior of a male. It is considered as the most important male sex hormone, it is also produced in women but level is quite lower as compared to males.

The hormone belongs to the class of male hormones known as androgens which are also known as anabolic steroids. The hormone is produced naturally in testes and a little amount of hormone is produced by the adrenal glands located at the top of kidneys. Hypothalamus of the brain orders pituitary glands to produce testosterone and the signaling takes place via blood.

The hormone testosterone plays important role in the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men such as increased penis and testes, deepening of voice, growth of hair on body and pubis. The hormone also plays important role in sex drive of a male along with maintenance of muscle strength and muscular mass.

Effects of low testosterone:

In human body, the testosterone levels decrease with age. The common symptoms of low testosterone levels in the body are:

  • Reduced libido or sexual desire
  • Erectile dysfunction which often leads to impotency
  • Increased size of breast
  • Low sperm count
  • Hot flashes
  • Depression and lack of concentration
  • Softened or shrunk testes
  • Loss of muscular mass
  • Loss of hair
  • The bones become more prone to fractures.

The males with decreased testosterone levels experience decreased sperm production and erectile dysfunction. Most of the men feel reluctant to discuss it with health care provider and start taking supplements which also act as natural testosterone boosters. These supplements are helpful in increasing the testosterone level in the body but since they are not natural there are some serious side effects associated with them.

Before you make any decision to buy testosterone supplements, it is important to consider the potential side effects along with the reviews of clients who had experienced such boosters. To avoid the risk of side effects it is important to consult a nearby health professional for appropriate dosage and ways to use such supplements effectively.

  • What is right for you?

There are a lot of testosterone supplements available in the market with a claim to boost up the testosterone level of the body. To be on a safe side, try the natural testosterone boosters so that you don’t encounter side effects. If at all you have to pick up artificial or synthetic supplements consult your health care provider to find out the existing testosterone level and required dosage of the booster.

  • Natural testosterone boosters:

To rule out the risk of potential side effects, the best way to boost up the testosterone levels is the use of natural testosterone boosters. There are certain foods which boost up the production of testosterone in the body and by consuming these foods you will not require synthetic boosters for testosterone. Some of the natural testosterone boosting foods are:

  • Tuna:

The fish contains large amount of vitamin D which is essential for the production of testosterone. Eating Tuna is a natural and effective way to get high testosterone in the body. A single tuna serving fulfills the everyday requirement of Vitamin D. Salmon and Sardines are also considered effective in this regard.

  • Low fat or skimmed milk:

Vitamin D is essential for testosterone production. Milk is a rich natural source of vitamin D. It is also needed for strong bones and teeth. Taking a skimmed or low fat milk everyday is an ideal way to get plenty of vitamin D and keeping testosterone levels at a healthy level.

  • Egg yolk:

Another rich source of Vitamin D is egg yolk which contains plenty of nutrients in it. While using egg, you need to know about your cholesterol level as eggs can increase cholesterol. For the people who don’t have any cholesterol issues, can eat one egg everyday to get Vitamin D naturally.

  • Oysters:

As a person reaches the age of maturity or puberty, zinc is needed by the body in specific amount. Zinc has direct effect on the production of male hormones. If you encounter low testosterone level in the body, you can take zinc supplements. These zinc supplements can increase the testosterone levels in the body naturally and effectively. Oysters are generally rich in zinc, adding oysters in the diet regularly can help to boost the zinc level in the body. In the same way, adding crabs and lobsters can help to increase the level of zinc and testosterone in the body.

  • Beef:

Red meat is considered ideal for men with low testosterone level as it is rich in several minerals which boost up testosterone production. Avoid eating too much of beef as it can increase cholesterol level in the body and eating beef is also related to colon cancer. Beef liver is a good natural source of Vitamin D. While using red meat, you need to be careful as frequent consumption of red meat can result in some other problems. You can take a serving of beef every week for best results.

  • Beans:

There are a lot of natural foods which are important for the proper functioning of men’s body. One of the most important foods which promote the production of testosterone in the body is beans. Beans are rich in zinc and vitamin D both of which have proven to increase testosterone level in the body. Baked beans contain plenty of nutrition and are important for those who are looking for weight loss diets. Besides, beans also provide a lot of proteins to strengthen the muscles.

In this way, we can say that in spite of relying on synthetic supplements, the use of natural products is best and safest way to boost up the testosterone production naturally. If you still want to use synthetic supplements to boost up testosterone production in the body, it is advised to get yourself tested for existing testosterone level and consult a doctor for appropriate dosage.