Have you ever heard anything about cabbage soup diet? If you are still unfamiliar with it, then finishing to read this article will give you lots of beneficial information.

What is it?

To begin with, let’s get to know about this diet. It is weight loss plan, which believed to be able in losing 10 pounds of fat during one-week practice. As suggested by its name, this diet plan requires any people who take it to eat unlimited amount of cabbage soup. Eating certain added fruits or vegetables is allowed. However, it will depend on the day of the diet.

Brief history of this diet

Until this moment, there is no information about who found this diet at the first time. However, it is strongly believed that the trend of this diet start to arise in the 1980’s.

The rules of having cabbage soup diet

First, you need to drink 4 glasses of water at least. Second, you also need to balance your body needs of multivitamin. Third, you need to supply your body with as much soup as possible. You can vary your options if you do not want to be trapped in boredom. Even though this diet emphasizes on the eating of cabbage, it does not mean that you are only allowed to eat cabbage. You can also add other vegetables such as celery, barley, asparagus, squash, onions, zucchini, meats and many other seasonings.

Performing this diet then having 2-week break is also recommended if you want to restart the diet. moreover, even though eating these vegetables will give you healthy body, relying only on this diet for the entire life will bring bad effect instead. It is because the possibility of having nutritional deficiencies is high if you only stick to this diet. This diet included in the crash diet, a very low-calorie diet like this will be suitable to perform if you are under the care of expert doctor.

The variation of this diet

Here are some suggestions of the variation you can have while performing cabbage soup diet:

Day one: you can have any kinds of fruits. One kind, which you should not eat is only banana along with water, tea, as well as coffee.

Day two: you should not eat any kinds of fruits. Vegetables will be the only food you can have, as well as one baked potato.

Day three: you can have any kinds of fruits as well as vegetables. However, you should not eat potatoes and banana.

Day four: you should drink unlimited skimmed milk and eat 8 bananas.

Day five: you should eat 565g of beef as well as 6 potatoes.

Day six: you can have any kinds of vegetables, but you should not eat potatoes.

Day seven: you can have sugar free fruit juice as well as some brown rice.

Business growth from cabbage soup diet

Even though there is still no information about the very first person who proposed this diet, many people are making it as a business. There are many websites, which offer the books or even tips of this diet.  All of those sources provide different kinds of information. Usually it displayed in the form of PDF or book. However, nearly all of them hold the key that this diet suggests the person who takes it to only eat cabbage soup along with some fruits as well as vegetables in 7 days.

Since there is no claim about this diet, any party can make use of it. Adding different information with no scientific is gaining more and more number. This is what you need to be careful of, since almost every source claims that their recipe is the most optimum one.

Some side effects of this diet you need to consider

Cabbage soup diet has some side effects, which are important for you to take consideration first before performing it. One source said that this diet is not suitable if you want to have long term weight loss. In other words, it will only be suitable if you have special occasion coming up then want to lose weight quickly.

Even though the ingredients on this diet are healthy, it can draw to boredom as the only food allowed to eat are fresh produce and grains only. Dr. Melinda Ratini also gives some statements about this diet. She said that eating the suggested ingredients on cabbage soup diet would supply only 1000 calories per day. Meanwhile, the estimated amounts of calories for an adult to take is as many as 2000 calories daily. The pounds you have indeed will come of quickly through performing this diet. However, there is high possibility to regain it all back again, when you start to eat your normal diet plan.

Until today, there is no proof or studies whether this diet is actually work and safe. There is also no science proof regarding the role of cabbage as powerful vegetable to lose weight. Some people who already tried this diet indeed felt that they lose weight. However, they gained it back after their 7 days period of performing this diet end and they got back to their previous eating. One possible reason for this is that the losing of weight is caused by water weight only. Looked from the choices of ingredients ofcabbage soup diet, the number of carbohydrates is so low, yet it has high fluids. As most water weight is flushed out of the body, the weight will be regained as soon as people stopped doing this diet.

In addition, some people also feel other side effects of this diet. Those are gas bloating as well as nausea. In other case, the limited variations of this diet also caused people to feel hungry, weak and bored. The demands of only eating food also become a burden because the taste can be a bit bland.

After knowing all information about cabbage soup diet, the decision whether to have it or not lies in your hand.