If you want to enjoy abundance in every field of your life, be it health, wealth, career or family, Abundance and Health is there to help you with its good quality and exceptional products. The company creates reliable and premium quality products that are first used by them and then introduced to the customers.

The main product sold by this company is Altrient, which is produced after a lot of research and hard-work, using the best formulas and high quality ingredients. It is produced by LivOn labs which is the most well-known one in the liposomal supplement industry. The company offers a small range of products that are aimed to improve the health and wellbeing of the people.

What are liposomal vitamins?

The Liposomal vitamins consist of microscopic healthy fat particles that are further made up of soluble minerals and vitamins. These vitamins were also used many years ago to provide therapeutic substances in small amounts to specific tissues in the body. Without affecting other parts of the body, these vitamins deliver the substances to only those parts that need attention. These vitamins are made from phospholipids, which are special type of microscopic bubbles. According to researchers, these bubbles can be filled with nutrients and other substances to fulfill various needs of the body.

Products offered by Abundance & Health:

Abundance and Health offers a lot of products in the name of Altrient. There are different types of Altrient products that are used to treat various types of medical conditions or improve the health and wellbeeing of a person. Some products are discussed below:


Altrient-C is powerful liposomal vitamin that can make the skin firmer and makes a person look younger. Due to the liposomal technology, Altrient-C has bioavailability up to 98%. This form of Vitamin C is the most powerful one and is better than other forms of this Vitamin.

Altrient GSH:

Altrient GSH is used to improve the Glutathione levels. It offers an absorption level of up to 98% and is one of the most bioavailable oral form of vitamin-C. The Altrient GSH reaches your bloodstream directly and is very beneficial in increasing the glutathione levels.


Altrient-B is a bioavailable form of Vitamin-B and it consists of many types of this Vitamin. The Vitamin is necessary for the functioning of brain and also for the energy production in the body. The components in this product are useful to maintain the glucose levels and also to maintain balanced energy reserves in the body.