Armodafinil is a potent element that is used to boost focus and alertness. The formula contained in armodafinil helps in promoting wakefulness in users who experience excessive sleepiness. Using Artvigil provides the user with armodafinil effects to deliver more focus and long lasting results.

Consumers taking this product experience a boost in the mental drive and a significant reduction in fatigue. This product is fast acting due to the potent formula and high quality of the active ingredient which supports the brain function. In addition, this supplement improves concentration, motivation, and attention.

Using this product does not cause intoxication and assists in keeping the user on track and focused during the working hours for a period of twelve hours. The formula used in this product also helps the user to involuntary ignore distractions thus promoting attention and productivity.

Active ingredient

This product contains armodafinil as the active ingredient which is a potent element that stimulates wakefulness and improves alertness. The amount of armodafinil in this product aids in heightening the awareness and eliminating the irregular sleep patterns. The effects of this formula are long-lasting.

Does it really work?

This product offers armodafinil which stimulates wakefulness in users experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness. Taking this formula delivers a more focused and intense experience through supercharged effects that enhance the mental drive.

Armodafinil stimulates the onset of effects in two hours and often reaches the peak in a period of six to eight hours which varys in each person. Taking this product improves alertness and also reduces fatigue to aid in curbing sleeping disorders and excessive sleepiness.


  • Reduces sleepiness
  • Improves alertness
  • Boosts wakefulness
  • It is fast acting
  • Stimulates increased focus
  • Eliminates irregular sleep patterns
  • Heightens awareness
  • Boosts cognition
  • Treats shift work sleep disorder

Provigil vs.Artvigil

The effects caused by these products are similar, but the only aspect that differentiates the products is that artvigil contains armodafinil while Provigil has modafinil. Hence, users might opt to buy Provigil online overnight since it delivers the same effects as artivigil. Artvigil contains a potent and high-quality high-grade armodafinil, and the difference between the products is the other ingredients used and the price.

Where to Buy

This product is available online, and users can purchase this product on AFINIL EXPRESS. Twenty pills are offered at $49 while fifty pills are sold at $78. However, this product comes in blisters of 10 and in a structure that increases utility and flexibility.

Usage Instructions

This product is packaged in blisters of 10, and each strip has an aluminum and hard plastic covering. The covering helps in increasing the safety and strength of the product. The user is recommended to take one tablet in a day for adults. Exceeding the dosage does not increase the effects or cause any harm to the user.


The user should avoid exceeding the dosage instructed for this product. Also, the dosage should not be more than 400mg in a period of 24 hours. In addition, people with blood pressure, liver diseases and cardiovascular disorders should take a dose of only 100mg in a day.

Shipping this product is within twenty-four hours after confirmation of payment. Consumers can receive the orders within seven to 14 days. The return policy stipulates that users can return the product if it the wrong order or damaged product. Additionally, a refund can be made if the parcel was not delivered at all.