Health conscious individuals across the world are growing aware about the different health and medical conditions. Every individual wants to maintain the best health and live healthy and strong. Not many individuals are aware about a rare medical condition known as Kallmann syndrome. This is a rare condition which causes hypogonadotropic hypogonadism which leads to an impaired sense of smell. This condition has an impact on the hormones that are needed for sexual development. The syndrome is diagnosed at puberty due to the lack of sexual development and if untreated, can include a decrease in bone density and lack of muscle mass in men. If untreated in women, it can cause absence of menstrual periods and no breast development. Some cases are inherited while some are not. This is a curable medical condition and fertility can be achieved.


It is important to note that the syndrome is not a life threatening condition. Its symptoms include an absence of any signs of puberty and a diminished sense of smell. For men, the signs include undescended testes or a small penis. Further, men usually do not have growth of facial hair and decreased growth of pubic hair. In case of females, some undergo puberty with the beginning of breast development which fails to progress. Rarely, females have an onset of menses but it stops after a couple of cycles. Some people affected with the syndrome have any of non-reproductive features which include hearing impairment, poor balance, renal agenesis, cleft lip and palate, dental abnormalities, curvature of the spine, eye movement abnormalities and synkinesis of the hands. The problem could be inherited at times and it is advised for individuals to be open and talk about it. People can also talk to a genetic counselor and seek advice on the same. There is nothing to shy away from and it should be openly discussed with an expert.


The syndrome is diagnosed by established methods which are used worldwide in order to evaluate the maturation of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. The diagnosis involves the test of hormone evaluation and the evaluation of a sense of smell. Genetic testing can also be used to diagnose the condition. Xpertdox offers complete solution to any medical trouble. Working with a large number of professionals, it offers guidance in terms of doctors, hospitals, clinical tests and procedures. There are more than one million doctors registered with them who are experts in the field. There are lists of expert doctors, hospitals and clinical trials for more than 6000 diseases which is prepared using an algorithm prepared by a team of specialists. The results are personalized by examining the clinical experience, research experience and the educational expertise of the doctor. When looking for a doctor near you, remain rest assured that you will be connected with the best doctor in the industry. You will not have to look for doctors that hold an expertise in a specific field, your search will be made easier and you will find personalized results that will make it easier for you to find a cure to your disease.


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