When you have surgery on your elbow, it’s often to remove an infection that has developed or to enhance the function of the joint. Most procedures are performed in an outpatient manner, which means that you won’t have to stay in the hospital overnight. However, there are some things that you can do before and after your surgery to make your recovery as smooth as possible.

Ask Questions

As with other surgeries, you need to ask your doctor any questions that you have before the day of the operation. You need to find out about the risks and the benefits as well as the recovery process. Click over here now for a few answers to questions that you might have about the procedure and how it can benefit you in your daily activities.

Using Your Arm

Avoid using your arm as much as you can for the first few weeks after your surgery. Your doctor will likely wrap your arm so that there is limited mobility, which will help to prevent any damage that might occur from moving it around too much. Don’t lift anything with your arm because you don’t want to tear any stitches out or cause any further injury. You should also avoid pulling on anything, such as a zipper or doors that are heavy.

Do everything you can to avoid falling, especially on your elbow. At times, the pain over the first few days after your surgery might not be as intense as you expected. That doesn’t mean that you should try to overuse your arm. For many people, it’s advised that you don’t lift anything heavier than a cup for the first few weeks after surgery. This will give plenty of time for the elbow to heal properly.

Do Exercises

Your doctor will likely give you a list of exercises to do a few weeks after surgery to strengthen your elbow. It’s best to start with only a few repetitions until you can gauge how well your elbow will respond. Don’t try to force your elbow to move if there is pain. Take medications that are prescribed for the pain to help with the rehab that you do each week. Sometimes, your doctor might set up appointments with a physical therapist depending on the kind of surgery that was done on your elbow.

Keep It Wrapped

Your elbow will probably need to remain wrapped for about six weeks after surgery. It’s important to keep your elbow wrapped and secure in any kind of cast that your surgeon used to protect the incision. Avoid taking a shower for the first for days or the first week after surgery. Once you have become accustomed to how the wrapping feels, you can usually put a plastic bag over your arm so that you can take a shower. Keep your arm wrapped until you go back to your doctor for a follow-up examination. The surgeon will likely remove the wrapping and replace it with something that isn’t as bulky or leave it off if the incision has healed.