Unlike some sports, yoga does not require special equipment, since the followers seek more well-being than performance.

But here are some tips to help you choose the clothes that will help you achieve nirvana.

The golden rules

The first rule is to choose an outfit in which you are comfortable. How could you stay Zen if you are not comfortable with what you wear?

And if your comfort is not negligible, it is also because your movements should in no way be hindered; impossible to greet the sun if your pants compress your lower stomach!

Finally, despite received wisdom, yoga is a physical activity that, depending on the intensity at which it is practiced and the physiological reactions of each, causes sweating.

Choose your outfit

Practice yoga with style

It is quite possible to practice yoga in style without spending a fortune. Since, in general, pants are more expensive than highs, do not hesitate to invest in a nice piece of neutral color that you can then arrange to colorful highs, for example.


As the temperature can vary from one studio to another, and also depending on the season, having several outfits can be very useful. If you’re afraid of getting cold, choose a long-sleeved top and pants that cover your legs.

If your body only needs to warm up, then prefer several layers of clothing, which you can remove as the session unfolds.

The subjects

The choice of materials will depend on two elements: elasticity and comfort in case of perspiration.

In addition to conforming to your movements, elastane-type synthetic materials will dry quickly and evacuate sweat. On the other hand, bacteria can still cause odors, which is not ideal for staying zen.

Natural, such as linen, cotton or bamboo, they allow better ventilation and regulate the temperature of your body. If you tend to sweat a lot, this type of clothing can have the disadvantage of sticking to the skin, which is far from pleasant.

Thanks to the growing popularity of yoga, many stores offer clothing made up of these two types of materials.

The feet

When looking for an outfit, no matter the activity, impossible to ignore the feet. Obviously, the perfect pair of shoes must be pretty, practical, and most importantly, adequate. Not always easy to find for some!

Good news! You need only your bare feet to practice yoga. If you still prefer to cover them, then opt for non-slip socks to avoid slipping on your carpet.

Ample or adjusted?

It is not uncommon to see yoga practitioners training in wide pants and T-shirts. They rely mainly on comfort, and with good reason. Obviously, if you want to imitate them, it’s still important that your stocking does not fall on your knees at the first opportunity.

Fitted outfits also have their share of benefits. In case of excessive perspiration, you will avoid that your wet clothes do not stick to your skin. Also, you will have a better idea of ​​your postures and will be able to more easily correct them if necessary.

If you choose tighter clothes, however, you must ensure that they do not impede your freedom of movement, or your blood circulation. Yoga often puts us in positions that we did not imagine until then and that a simple badly adapted clothing can quickly make difficult to realize.

The clothe

You need to get yoga activewear like short-sleeved or strapless camisoles as well as short, mid-length or shorts.

If the top should be chosen according to your needs and taking into account your level of sweating, the bottom should be rather elastic, especially at the waist, so as not to have the compressed abdomen.

As for the bra, she must also let you breathe and not crush your rib cage while supporting your chest perfectly.

In any case, and we will never repeat it enough, the best outfit is the one that will make you forget it. You can buy yoga clothes on getactivewear.com.au

Hot yoga

This type of yoga is also becoming more and more followers. Practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius, perspiration is inevitable.

For your comfort and that of your neighbors, it is imperative to choose a light outfit that does not cause odors. The use of perfume or any other fragrance is also to be banned.

Also avoid wide, hot clothes that may be wet from the beginning of the session, and therefore heavier at the ends. Choose tight clothes that breathe and dry quickly.