As we see now a days that there are tons of weight lose drugs in the market, and with a great advertisement and these pills put in the market with such a great value that their consumers get tempted towards them and just because of this sensational advertisement these drugs are selling like hell but the main thing to consider is that does these pills really work on a human body as they are advertised?

These drugs contain chitosan. It originates from the powdered shells of shrimps, crabs, and other shellfish. While there is prove that it helps keep you from consuming more fat, its effects  might be too little for you to really see anything. A couple of little investigations have demonstrated that individuals on the diet and eating proper food  lose marginally more weight on the off chance that they’re taking just these pills and not working out with it.

            In the last year the Food and Drug administration has approved four of these weight loss pills which are Qsymia, Belviq, Contrave, and Saxenda which shows that these pills do work if they are taken in a perfect amount with the perfect amount of daily exercise. So if you are looking to lose that extra weight which make you look bulky or chubby than you can use these pills but the catch is that you have to be consistent with your diet and your exercise.

            The main work of these pills is to work on a certain receptors in your brain which make you lose your appetite and you end up eating less than you usually do which automatically put you on a certain amount of calories which are enough to make your body work in a perfect form also you burn the extra calories by doing certain amount of workout to get yourself in a perfect shape to look good.

            These four drugs users has mostly lose 5 to 10 pounds in three weeks but in a research program it has been found that people can lose up to 100 pounds if they stick to a long term program of using these  pills with proper daily routine of their diet and exercise.

            So those people who are dealing with this problem of being fat or having an extra some pounds on their body and want to reduce that extra bunch of calories than they should start their long term program with any of these four pills but as I have mentioned earlier that these pills will only work intensively only if you have a proper diet and proper exercise to go with that.

So in the conclusion ill will recommend you not to use these fast weight lose pills because they come with a great price of damaging your health and stick with the natural diet plan. People who use natural diet plan get results a little late but their transformation is long lasting than those who use these pills.