Everyone wishes for a perfect skin but unfortunately, everyone doesn’t get that. Skin pigmentation turns out to be a quite disturbing and annoying disorder and with it, you will surely fail to possess a blemish-free complexion. There are various forms of pigmentation likecolor discoloration, freckles, age spots etc. However, there are some irregularities which are untreatable and albinism is one amongst them. Other than this problem, other forms of skin pigmentation are totally curable to varying degrees reliant on the severity and the causes. Freckles are quite a common kind of skin pigmentation and this problem is mainly faced by Caucasians.

The production of additional melanin results in hyperpigmentation and in this regard, skin bleaching creams and medications are highly suggested by an aesthetic physician and these prescriptions are equally effective like laser treatment. Nonetheless, laser treatments turn out to be good for little patches only instead of a large skin discoloration. Laser pigmentation removal has been proved to be helpful for removing age spots which become apparent because of old age. Though anti-aging creams, lotions, and skin bleaching creams do help yet to remove pigmentation on face in Singapore you can visit Shakura. This pigmentation specialist center is located in Singapore and it boasts to provide customised skin care remedies to customers suffering from the troubled skin.

Understanding hyperpigmentation

When you have understood different forms of pigmentation, you must make a decision on the treatment you wish to have. In addition, you must also have to make alterations in your lifestyle that would help to avert pigmentation instead of treating it much later. Pigmentation is largely caused by hormonal imbalances. This is viewed as a common condition faced by a woman during her pregnancy periods. However, sometimes this problem is also caused by hormone therapy medication or thyroid dysfunction. Again, age spots or liver spots are considered as one type of pigmentation.

People who are above 60 years are found to be suffering from this problem and the main cause of this type of pigmentation is over-exposure to UV rays. Again, the cause of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation remains to be acne, burns, and skin injury. Sometimes, the side effects of other skin treatments also result in this type of pigmentation. When melanin is formed in excessive quantities, it results in a hyper-pigmented skin. The reasons for this type of skin can also be trauma, sun exposure and the side effects of some drugs. The best part is, this isn’t a grave medical ailment and a proper treatment can cure this problem totally.

The method of treatment

If you visit Shakura to remove pigmentation on face in Singapore, then you will get a professional consultation from the specialists that will help you to explore the structure of your skin and the reasons for pigmentation. These assistances will help you to get rid of skin pigmentation for good. In the very first session, they will unclog and lessen pore size, exfoliate dead skin cells, inspire the production of elastin and collagen, lighten pigmentation visibly, help grow new skin cells, and revive smooth, radiant and soft skin. After this, they will follow step-by-step method to cure your skin problems completely.