The importance of looking beautiful and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of one’s face is instigating a lot of people to go through a cosmetic or plastic surgery. The nose which plays a very vital role in the overall appearance of any individual has become the object of rectification in order to attain a very attractive and appealing facade. Experts like Dean Toriumi MD are responsible for conducting the specialized nose surgery called the Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty has gained a lot of impetus over the recent years and has shown miraculous results when performed under the guidance of experienced and efficient cosmetic surgeons such as Dean Toriumi MD , who is a specialist in Rhinoplasty. He in fact, has a Facial Plastic Surgery Centre in Chicago where he regularly performs the surgery on many a high class person. His vast knowledge on the subject makes him the author of some books that he has written on Rhinoplasty. He even trains many physicians at the University of Illinois.

Studies reveal that facial growth is comparatively faster than the over growth of the body and that is why any surgery or change in it heals rather quickly. This is one of the reasons that a lot of people, especially celebrities use this treatment to bring about changes in their faces. The nose might be a very small feature of the human body but you will be surprised to see the change it brings to the look of a person even on the slightest alteration.

There are many types of Rhinoplasty of which the most common one is the Reduction Rhinoplasty. This, as is evident from the name, deals with the reduction in the size of the nose. The size of the nose is adjusted to such an extent that it brings a balance with the other features of the face. This particular form of Rhinoplasty aims to reshape the nose keeping in mind that it does not get pinched or become non- functional in any way. Asymmetry, the shape of the nostril and the definition of the nose tip, are the other deformities that are taken care during this procedure.

The nasal aesthetics, which include the contour, the brow-tip nasal line, the tip, and asymmetry, are the subtle features of the nose that affect the overall look of the nose. Refinement Rhinoplasty is the procedure used to get these in their optimal state so that the nose appears to be flawless. The Reconstructive Rhinoplasty is the surgery which helps in bringing a proper shape to the nose that may become disfigured due to a surgery to remove cancer.

The most unique type of Rhinoplasty is the Ethnic Rhinoplasty which helps to maintain the ethnic background of the individual while at the same time modifying the non-Caucasian nose, as they call it. Aging Rhinoplasty is the form of the surgery that helps in controlling the time-related changes of the face.

The need to look appealing is the maximum among young girls and boys, during their adolescence, hence in order to cater to their specific needs there is the Adolescent Rhinoplasty well. Irrespective of what Rhinoplasty you may be intending to undergo, the most important thing to do before it is to research and find out a proper, genuine and experienced doctor to carry out the procedure.