Most of the professional golfers out there have experienced some form of nagging at one time or another in their golfing career. This is mainly because of the explosive nature of the swing which puts a tremendous amount of tremendous amount of stress on the body.

However, nagging injuries don’t only happen to professional golfers only. They can also happen to casual golfers. So what are the most common golf injuries?

Back pain

Back pain is usually one of the most common golf injuries as the golf swing place considerable stress on the back. Also, golfers typically spend 4-5 hours in a bent over stance repeating the same motions several times hence leading to minor strains on the back.

These minor injuries can lead to severe injuries. Do you want to keep your back healthy for golf? If the answer is a yes, add exercise that stretch and make your back strong.

Tendinitis in the elbows

This is the most common golf injury affecting the elbow. It is known as the tennis elbow when the outside of the upper arm (the area close to the elbow) is affected and known as the golfer’s elbow when the inside of the upper arm (area near the elbow) is affected. Tennis elbow is more common among golfers than golfer’s elbow.

Age increases the risk of tendinitis in the elbows and mostly affects those who perform activities that need repetitive movements as these movements put tremendous stress on susceptible tendons on a regular basis. An improper swing motion can also cause tendinitis.

You can treat this condition by resting the injured tendon to let it heal, promoting muscle strength, decreasing inflammation, and improper swings. Tendinitis is mostly resolved with treatment.

Knee pain

Knee pain experienced by golfers can be caused by knee arthritis (osteoarthritis), a torn meniscus or kneecap pain (chondromalacia). This injury is as a result of placing tremendous stress on a weak knee when trying to stabilize the rotation of the hip axis at the beginning of the swing. Treatment of knee pain varies depending on the cause, and it is important that you see a doctor as soon as you experience symptoms.

Rotator cuff injuries

With rotator cuff injuries, a golfer will feel pain in the shoulder or upper arm. The pain can be felt at various phases of the golf swing or after play, often occurring during the night when the arms are extended overhead. A traumatic force can cause rotator cuff injuries from a poorly executed golf swing.

Golfers can develop bursitis, tendinitis, and tears in the rotator cuff because of the repetitive motion of the golf swing. Anti-inflammatory drugs are mostly used to treat rotator cuff injuries. Sometimes, surgical repair is required to alleviate symptoms and prevent further injury.

Wrist injuries

Golfers injure their wrists mainly because of the high speed of typical swings and repetitive motions associated with golf. It is common for golfers to experience pain and tenderness on top of their wrists.

Tendinitis or swelling of the tendons is the most common golf injury that affects the wrist. This is because tendons play an important role when it comes to wrist movement. A golf-specific conditioning program can prevent wrist injuries.