Emotion really matters

Before engaging yourself in any physical intimacy you must have a vivid idea how your body functions. Bodily desires and behaviors vary from individual to individual. Many persons are there who do not want to engage themselves in sexual activities in fear of unwanted pregnancy or transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

For such cases, the opposite partner should respect the decision and cooperate. Some activities are prevalent where there is zero chance of getting pregnant. In fact, by performing these actions your partner can feel satisfied. For example, masturbating alone or with a partner can give you pleasure. Kissing, sexing, talking dirty, reading or watching pornographic films can get you turned as well as arouse your partner. Some of your body parts have lots of nerve endings that can make you feel aroused if touched like thighs, mouth, ears, neck etc.

The response is how your body reacts to such sexual stimulation when your heart rate increases, muscles become tensed and blood starts flowing to the genital organs. Expressing yourself in sensual ways can enhance the level of intimacy. Not only intercourse can give you pleasure but sometimes being close together with a sense of love and about maintaining a relationship can really make you happy.

Diagnose with a test to be sure

Under few circumstances, you can opt for a diagnostic test for STDs in nearby STD Clinics, like maybe you are facing some symptoms or underwent an unprotected relation including oral, vaginal and anal sex. If you are aware of the fact that your partner has had earlier partners or maybe you are beginning afresh relationship then a medical check for both of you is must. Sharing of injecting equipment can bring up the risk of transmission of sexual germs.

  • Depending upon the type of symptoms, one will undergo the necessary test under medical supervision. Before carrying out the tests, the medical and sexual history will be recorded by the authority thus it will be easier to diagnose the cause and prescribe the perfect medications. The genitals will be examined.
  • Generally, a pelvic exam is conducted for women who have symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. A blood sample is taken either from a finger prick or blood draw with the urine sample. Swab of the inside of the mouth, from the genitals and of any discharge or sores are all collected. The sample is sent to the lab and the report is provided within the due date whether it is positive or negative. If the result becomes then they are treated with proper medications and etc.
  • Taking help from close members can boost your confidence and won’t make you feel isolated as such. So in the first phase internet can be a good option as it is done privately through your computer or smart phone. A sample link is here http://hivsingapore.com

Urine tests these days are very common and available for Chlamydia and gonorrhea. Few doctors recommend regular tests if you are one of a high risk groups. It is an important test for young women .You can go on a test depending upon your sexual behavior. It can be as often as every few months or as rare as once every two years. Chlamydia can too affect the fertility within males so they can easily undergo painless urine tests for both gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

Check the sexual activity, the infection rates in your nearby surroundings and community and get a test for syphilis too. Women can get a test for annual Pap smears and be confirming if there are no abnormalities in the cells of cervix that is caused HPV. They can cure gonorrhea using antibiotics but some drug resistant viruses are there who don’t react to traditional medications. STDs aren’t curable always but treatments can decrease their symptoms. Anti viral will be recommended by doctors to lessen an outbreak for herpes. For HPV, tropical medications can be given to reduce the sensation of itching and discomfort.

Try some other kind

No physical intimacy is totally reliable be it anal, vaginal or oral. Though oral relationship have comparatively less risk than the other kinds yet STDs can be transmitted via mouth sores, injuries, cuts or may be some infections like herpes. With skin to skin contact also germs can be spread. Not even condoms are hundred percent safe in curing all STD germs but if you want to use it at times of oral sex then it would reduce the risk of transmitting germs that may cause STDs and other fatal diseases.