Nothing could be more precious than the birth of your child, could it? The joy of holding the little bundle in your hands, seeing them blink for the first time or just feeling the softness of their small body against yourself are moments that you would love to cherish. As modern influences make their way in our society, more and more parents want to preserve their little one’s arrival using professional photo shoots. Many maternity hospitals have come up with in-house professional photo shoot options to help all parents-to-be who want their baby’s first day on earth to be framed and memorialised.

In recent times, most private hospitals have revamped their interiors, focusing more on the aesthetic appeal and world-class facilities so that expecting mothers who visit them can have a comfortable stay. These hospitals no longer treat pregnant women as patients but rather as customers who should be provided with the best of services. Keeping this trend in mind, many clinics have tied-up with freelance photographers and set up in-house studios so that new parents can experience the mesmerising joy of capturing their baby’s first shenanigans on a frame. Read on to find out how these in-house studios are making memories.

Truly considered as the best maternity hospital in Mumbai, the Fortis Mamma Mia chain of hospitals have pioneered themselves as a unique concept that aspires to provide full-fledged support to expectant mothers from the preconception stage to postpartum. Boutique hospitals, like this one, give clients the option to choose from several maternity photography services. As soon as the baby is born a trained photographer comes in and starts capturing every movement that the baby is making. There are fancy costumes available as well so that you can dress up your child before the photo shoot begins.

Another hospital that is taking long strides in this direction is the Cloud Nine chain of maternity hospitals. Cloud Nine Hospitals have hired full-time photographers in all the fifteen centres across India along with a customised in-house photo studio. The photographers have been trained to click pictures that do not cause any discomfort to the child. The in-house photographers at Cloud Nine are also careful to set up the photography lights in a manner that doesn’t subject the newborn to a direct flash. There are pre-made digital backdrops set along the in-house studio that can be used for capturing the pictures, but most of the time the delivery room themselves are decorated with colourful balloons to lift the spirits of its temporary inhabitants.

With more and more hospitals following in the footsteps of modernisation, parents are spoilt for choice. Taking up the beacon to make childbirth as pleasantly memorable as it can get these maternity clinics are constantly striving to deliver new services. So, the next time you visit Cloud Nine’s best gynaecologist in Mumbai or other boutique hospitals be sure to ask them for a cool pregnancy photoshoot!