Assert your rights in road traffic accidents through a lawyer.

If you are a victim of a traffic accident, it may be worthwhile to call a lawyer, either to file a complaint or to obtain compensation. You must get help from an expert lawyer such as Paul Napoli nyc.

Why call for a traffic accident lawyer?

A lawyer can play an essential role in the event of a road accident, whether in the event of a conflict with his insurer or the person responsible for the accident.

A lawyer can intervene in both legal and amicable proceedings.

In the case of an amicable procedure, it may:

  • have an expert compensation role;
  • help to set up the file and accompany his client in the procedures;
  • Highlight the client’s arguments.

In the event of legal proceedings, the lawyer may:

  • accompanying or representing his client during hearings;
  • assist the client in his or her process and help him / her prepare his / her file;
  • Estimate the compensation that the victim may claim.

Choosing a Lawyer

The role of the lawyer can be decisive for the compensation it is essential to choose his lawyer well.

To do this, you should choose:

  • a lawyer specializing in this field;
  • a lawyer who is not related to the insurance in case of dispute over compensation.

Aviation accident

Lawyers’ fees may vary from one lawyer to another, however, it should be borne in mind that where the victim has no liability in the accident, he or she may request the full or partial costs to be borne by the lawyer. opposing party.

The attorney’s fees can also be taken care of as part of a legal auto insurance coverage.

People with limited resources can also apply for legal aid to help them in their efforts, but also to cover all or part of the costs of lawyers.