Although other types of contraceptives have come and gone in popularity, the oral contraceptive pill remains a firm favourite amongst women in Britain who want to be able to prevent pregnancy and manage period symptoms.

If you’re new to contraception, or you feel it’s time to change your old pill; perhaps you’re having lots of side effects, or you think there’s another one which might help manage period symptoms better it’s useful to know a little about the most popular types of pill available.

You can buy contraceptive pills easily online now; for example you can buy Cerazette online which is a popular type of oral contraceptive, with a prescription from your Doctor or a sexual health clinic.

So which are the most popular types of oral contraceptive?

1.     Combined Pill

The combined pill is a combination of artificial kinds of oestrogen and progesterone which are hormones the body usually makes in the ovaries.

Within the combined pill, there are different types

2.       Monophasic combined pill

The monophasic pill means that the levels of hormones you take stay the same during the 21 days of taking oral contraceptives.  Because the dose of hormones remains the same, they’re less likely to cause side effects that relate to fluctuating hormones.

3.       Multiphasic combined pill

The biphasic or tri-phasic combined pill changes the level of hormones that you take at one point (biphasic) or two points (triphasic) during the month.  It’s thought for some women as the amounts of oestrogen and progesterone are altered during the month, the side effects are less.

There are different instructions on when, and for how long you need to take these pills so it’s important you understand these before you start using them.

4.       Every day combined pill

Some combined pills come in every day format, which can make it easier for you to remember to take them. With these you get 21 active pills and seven dummy pills which you take across the 28 day period.

You can now take the combined pill continuously, and it’s thought that this can help with side effects and problems that arise from period pain and heavy bleeding.

5.       Progestogen Only

Another type of pill, the progestogen only pill does not contain any oestrogen which makes it a better option if you cannot tolerate oestrogen, or find that a combined pill gives you lots of side effects.

With the progestogen only pill, you often experience no, or infrequent bleeding which can also help if you experience heavy periods or period pain.


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