Caring for the reproductive system in men is confusing because there are two different specialists who treat the male reproductive issues. They are urologists and andrologists and even though a doctor who is a urologist and a doctor who has studied andrology have the similar experience and training, it is important to know that the urologist has the knowledge to treat a broader range of conditions.


Urologists treat the disorders of the urinary tract and the adrenal gland. They treat both men and women. The urologist treats the diseases related to the urethra, ureter, kidney and the bladder in women. In men they treat conditions related to the prostrate and also treat the male reproductive system. They work in a discipline that combines both surgical as well as non-surgical treatments.


Andrologists are urologists and they focus on the treatment of the male fertility and sexuality only. They do not practice in a broad range of medical issues like the urologists. They specialise in treating the genitalia as well, as any injuries to the region may affect sexual function and the fertility. The sexual function can be affected by high blood pressure or heart disease too. Andrologists also specialise in harvesting sperm for in virto fertilization when the sexual ability or the reproductive ability of a man is impaired. They may also perform a vasectomy when the reproductive capacity is not at the desired level.

Similarity and difference

The difference lies in what the doctor practises. It is important to know that every andrologist is a urologist but he has narrowed down his practice to a particular patient subset. A urologist can treat both males and females. They treat urinary issues as well as male reproductive problems. Andrologists however are the male gynaecologists and they specialize in treating the male reproductive conditions only.

An andrologist is a urologist who specializes in the male reproductive system. The andrologist receives this specialization after medical school, residency and certification as a urologist. Because the andrologist is also a urologist, he can also treat you for problems relating to your bladder or other organs involved with urination. Andrologists also commonly perform surgeries such as vasectomies.


The andrologist is thus someone who performs an examination to find out the cause of infertility and the works out a solution for the issue. He would also treat male impotence, premature ejaculation and the erectile dysfunction. They thus have years of experience in treating the male reproductive system.

The urologist on the other hand treats injuries and the diseases that are related to the urinary system of males as well as females. The urologist may also have specialization in renal transplantation and neurology.