A hint for heavy metal poisoning?

You are like the vast majority of addicts, intolerant to gluten and milk proteins, and your gut is working poorly (dysbiosis).

A hair analysis, on the other hand, can not suffice to make the diagnosis because the heavy metal addicts do not eliminate, neither by the hair nor by the nails, whereas precisely, those which eliminate the heavy metals have in them in the hair and in the nails.

So DMPS is a chemical but it already has a long history of harmlessness, whether injectable or orally. Dr. DAUNDERER has chelated thousands of patients without any problem. Dr. MELET was cleaning babies a few months with this great counter-poison.

The big intoxicated will have to go through the DMPS, it is the most important.

The DMSA :

Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) is non-toxic, water-soluble and orally administrable. Also called Succimer or Succicaptal is a sulfur compound. It is a harmless product, used to detoxify thousands of children with lead poisoning (lead intoxication). It empties the tissues of their lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium efficiently. It’s a safe way. It chelates mercury in the blood, liver, and kidneys and crosses the blood-brain barrier and eliminates toxic elements into the brain. Complete detoxification can take up to 2 or 3 years depending on the toxic load and condition of the patient, but the oral route is the safest and most effective method, although it is softer.

EDTA is a synthetic amino acid composed of 4 molecules of vinegar used as a preservative in the diet. It is said that ASD is the most powerful of all.

Oral chelation seems to be the easiest way to eliminate these heavy metals. The body considers these chelators as a foreign substance and therefore eliminates them. Once introduced into the body, the chelator reacts and binds with other metals and minerals and drives them out of the body. You must know that he himself can not be assimilated and therefore will be rejected exactly as a stone would be, but on the other hand he has the good idea to lead with him a band of friends who are called, lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, etc … for our greatest pleasure.

Hundreds of articles on the favorable effects of this chelation have already been published and even a meta-analysis of more than 24,000 patients has been established. It was determined that 88% of patients showed clinical improvements. Some even, planned for an operation, were able to cancel it. For example, out of 27 patients undergoing amputation, 24 of them were able to save the defective limb.

What are the effects of this chelation?

Those who tested all showed a boost of energy , improved their performance , improvements in arthritis, the sense organs are improved, (hearing and sight), and we can trust these results because it is more than one million people who received this treatment by edta suppositories. The memory and cognitive functions s and improve general health is much better so that we see the texture of the skin become thin and tight, it is always a reflection of what is happening inside . So there is rejuvenationof the whole body. These obstacles and brakes are gone and it shows. The subject has become more vigorous, more toned and therefore happier. EDTA dissolves metastatic calcium (the one that has been deposited inadvertently inside our vessels). And circulation is one of the keys to health. If it is vigorous and toned, all our organs will work better.