Christmas is over, February is nearly upon us and that ambitious diet plan which you were meant to have stuck to like a new religion during January probably didn’t happen. So, you may be wondering, what’s next? To help you decide how you are going to get that spring and summer body you so long for why not read of these top these tips which have been designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your energy levels quickly and easily.

Think ahead

Whether you’re looking to join a weight loss boot camp or simply cut out your dietary guilty pleasure, planning ahead will help you achieve. So take time out to sit in a quiet place and think of your fitness goals for 2018, think about the challenges which weakened you in 2017 and when you were at your strongest and resisted temptation or attended that all-important gym class that you pay a membership for. Then apply these experiences to 2018 and try and make getting fit and healthy this year as achievable as possible.

Apply exercise

In an age when pretty much everything is available at the touch of a button, it makes sense that fitness how found its way into the modern technological market. In addition to eating well and doing some exercise, why not get the support of a fitness application to help you stick to your goals and achieve even more?

There’s a variety of apps on offer, many free or at least with free trials which can help you manage your routines and plan your workouts.

Exercise at home

Working out at home can be extremely effective, convenient and it is free. Either tune into a fitness DVD or programme or read and carry out a routine which works for you. Just be careful to make sure you’re executing exercises properly, and you’re not straining yourself by using inappropriate equipment like carpets or rugs substituted for gym mats or unstable weighted objects.

Filled water bottles work well as makeshift dumbbells if you don’t have the funds to buy your own equipment, and stable chairs or other furniture can be used as levers for various exercises. Again, check online and via the app store for instructions and recommendations, and don’t attempt any over-complicated exercises without supervision. And if it hurts stop! Your body is telling you something.

Snack well

Whether you’re cutting out the carbohydrates, banning yourself from eating chocolate or avoiding drinking red wine, you’re bound to get cravings and it is important that you’re prepared. Think ahead and make sure you surround yourself with healthy snacks so that you don’t go off-piste and indulge in something unhealthy. We recommend nuts, dried fruit, crackers and cereal bars or even a banana. All of these foodstuffs release low amounts of energy gradually throughout your body which is bound to make you last until your next meal, even if it does involve a lot of greenery and protein!

The water of life

You might be totally on top of this healthy eating business, but have you stopped to think about what else you’re chucking down your throat? Fizzy drinks, like Coke, Sprite or Fanta, along with highly sweetened or flavoured fruit juices are only good for two things – rotting your teeth and piling on the pounds. They’re also quite expensive.

Switch to plain old water and you’ll find it’s cheaper (even free!), much more refreshing and much better for you. Experts recommend that we drink 8 to 10 glasses (equal to around 2 litres) every day!

If you find the taste of water a bit dull, try adding some chopped up fruit to give it a bit of flavour.